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Hire Chris Schmitt Photography For Your Headshot Photography Needs

Whether you are an actor or a business professional, having a professional headshot can go a long way toward leaving the right kind of impression. Headshot photography is a specialized field that gets far too little attention on a broader scale. Headshot photography is about more than just lining up your subject while they smile, it is about creating a lasting impression with the single click of a button.
Hiring a headshot photographer should start with a long look at their portfolio. Chris Schmitt Photography Studio has been operating out of their space in Los Angeles since 2001, where they have been based in Moorpark, CA, ever since. Chris and Andrea Schmitt both work together to craft lasting headshots that are perfect for actors, realtors, and other industry professionals.
If you are looking for the perfect business or commercial headshot, you need to give the team at Chris Schmitt Photography a call, today!