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Fall in NYC

Is there a better place than NYC in the Fall? Maybe NYC in the Spring! We had a short but sweet day and a half in the Big Apple. We walked through the park visiting Strawberry Fields and headed south all the way down to 5th avenue to do some window shopping. The leaves were changing colors and the weather was a brisk 65º. We had time to see a great show which just so happens to be coming back to LA soon. If you haven’t seen Wicked yet, check it out! It’s a lot of fun to learn the backstory of the two witches from A Wizard of OZ.

This was our last trip out of town before the baby comes so it was bittersweet. But we’re not complaining. We love to book destination weddings because they become “working vacations” for us! This year we’ve been to Hawaii 8 times, Mexico 3 times, San Jose, and NYC. Our vacation to Thailand in February was amazing and all in all it’s been an unforgettable year.

We are so fortunate to be doing something we truly love for a living and are so very grateful to all our newleyweds who have continued to spread the word about us to their friends who are also getting married.

We had a total of 57 weddings this year and have had to expand to hire several amazing photographers to help us out! With Nicola having a baby this week sometime, she will be unavailable for some time. And with my wife Andrea being due New Years, she too will be missed for a while!

The new contenders we have coming on board for next year in addition to the one and only Tom, are Jennifer and Derek. All are outstanding photographers who shoot in our photojournalistic approach.

This girl excited to be in NYC just jumped for joy and I just so happened to have my camera pointed in the right direction.

Times Square

We stayed at the Marriot Marquis- Really Nice!

State of the Art elevators…

Dre Picking out breakfast for the morning!

Poets Walk

Strawberry Fields

The Great Fountain

Dre catching me with the point and shoot!


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