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Santa Monica Pier Engagement Pictures | Anthony and Boravy

We recently photographed Anthony and V at the Santa Monica Pier for their engagement pictures. Most people start out feeling a little nervous posing in front of a camera and not really knowing what to do.

The first thing I tell my clients is to just relax and have a good time with each other. Laugh, be playful, be silly..and be in love! I had one couple recently tell me after the photoshoot was over that they hadn’t “made out” so much since they first started dating each other 4 years ago! They loved it!

If you can forget about the camera, then we will do our job to get awesome pictures. These guys were great and after about 5 minutes, they forgot about the camera and the laughs came pouring out! They were so playful and definately in love! I brought Tim along to shoot video and we’ll post the video session soon.

These are so fun for us to do and I think every couple should do these.

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