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The Big Island

Well we’ve been here on the Big Island of Hawaii for a week now as a sort of mini family vacation. Well actually a working vacation. I did photograph a beautiful wedding at the Sheraton Resort on Saturday. Pictures coming soon.

Here are a few from the family vacation. Dre is getting bigger by the week and my brother Cliff and my Mother came along for a little R &R. We hit some amazing uncrowded beaches ..some with pure white sand and some with pure black sand. Awesome.

We also took a Helicopter ride on Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. It was really incredible. We really lucked out becasue we got to see lava flowing from the Kilauea active volcano and also see the lava churning inside the cone. Lava is a warm 2200ºF! We learned that a few people (mostly tourists) die every year by hiking out onto the fragile lava and falling into it when it breaks under them! How dumb do you have to be?

The week has flown by and we are always sad to leave Hawaii. We’ll be back in Feb. though so it’s not too bad.

Ahalanui Hot Springs (feed from a lava tube to a nice 95º!)

Dre shows off her belly!

Akaka Falls -420 feet

Jurasic Leaves

Dre and Cliff in front of the view of Waipi’o Valley and Sea Cliff’s

Looking Good!

Dre and I

Sunset Mauna Kea Resort

We have it good!

Hibiscus at our vacation home

Our Green Lizard friend

Helicopter Tour

Lava Fields with flow to the ocean causing the white smoke in the distance.

Inside the top of the cone. Boiling Lava!

The Killer Flow

The amazing sunsets

Twin palms

Looking Up

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