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Tom Galassi’s new website!

I’m really excited that Tom (who has worked with me for almost 4 years now) has launched his new website Tom

This year we have our new “Associate Rate” program. Tom is my lead photographer and heads up the associate program. He has really developed a great style over the years. I train several photographers a year to shoot weddings with me under the system and style that we promote. I like to call it Artistic Photojournalism heavy on Candids! My clients are able to save a little money by choosing two associates to cover their wedding. If they are lucky, and extra nice, they get Tom!

Today’s Brides are really looking for something unique, and the ones that hire me do so because they recognize that we are different from so many others out there. Tom as well as the whole crew truly go the extra mile to make sure they get great shots. I’m very lucky to have such a great team working with me.

Check out Tom’s new website and send him some love!

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