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Wafarers Chapel Wedding Ceremony | Joey + Nicole

Well we’re back from our vacation and into full swing again. Last weekend we were excited to photograph Joey and Nicole who had a gorgeous wedding in the intimate Wayfarers Chapel in Palos Verdes. The Wayfarers Chapel is just beautiful and unlike any other we’ve seen. It was designed by Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright and it’s one of our favorite places to photograph.

The reception took place at the one and only Trump National Golf Course just down the street. It’s as posh as it comes and Trump wouldn’t have it any other way!

We were honored and stoked to have our good friend and fellow photographer Zen Todd shoot with us and he captured some of my favorite pictures from the day. Thanks Zen!

Nicole looked amazing and celebrity jeweler Neil Lane, was kind enough to deck her out with brilliant diamonds for the day. I told my wife Andrea not to get any ideas as she spent what seemed like forever photographing those beauties.

And Joey is just a stud. He’s got the gorgeous Maserati, the nice new home, the beautiful wife and the killer job working with The Lakers. I guess it doesn’t hurt that his dad owns the team! What a life!

Here is a slideshow from the wedding which shows the highlights of the day. Please be patient while slideshow loads the first time you view it. Can take up to 3 whole minutes… depends on your connection speed. And scroll down for pictures.

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