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Cabo Azul Resort Destination Wedding Photos | Mike + Michelle

Fun Cabo Azul Wedding Photos:

I just returned from another amazing wedding at the luxurious Cabo Azul Resort in San Jose del Cabo. Cabo Azul has always been one of our most favorite resorts to photograph weddings at, but it’s even more so now, since they just named us the only approved U.S. based Wedding Photography Studio! We’re honored. A special thanks to Georgina who is the head wedding coordinator there at the resort.

What can I say about Mike and Michelle other than they are such a great couple, full of positive energy and good humor.  You could really feel the love they share for one another. They went out of their way to make me feel so welcome and part of their group.

It was an extra special time because Michelle is pregnant and  during the cake cutting they announced ,via the red colored icing, that they are expecting a baby girl soon. Baby Charlotte! It was a very sweet moment …no pun intended. One of the most memorable and energetic moments of the evening was seeing the Samba dancers, who arrived from Cuba, hit the dance floor and show the gringos how to shake them hips! And actually many of their friends and even Michelle and Mike’s moms really kept up well! I was impressed.

Another memory that I have yet to put out of my mind was watching Maranda’s leg getting thoroughly seduced with the freshly caught garter from the lucky catcher. It was like no other seduction I’ve seen before. He really stepped up and took charge of that opportunity and had everyone laughing their ass off.

Destination weddings for me are the combination of both things I love to shoot most. Weddings and Travel. It truly is the dream job and I’m always grateful for the opportunity to document my couple’s day.

Cabo Azul Wedding Photos

View from the penthouse suite overlooking the pools and El Corazon chapel

Cabo Azul Wedding Photography
Cabo Azul Wedding Photography
Cabo Azul Wedding Photography
Cabo Azul Flower girl
Cabo Azul Bride
Wedding at Cabo Azul
Cabo Azul Bridesmaids

I know..I know…Rough job right?

Cabo Destination Wedding Bride
El Corozan Chapel Cabo Azul
El Corozan Chapel Cabo Azul_01
Wedding El Corozan Chapel
Wedding El Corozan Chapel Los Cabos
Wedding El Corozan Chapel_05
Cabo Azul Los Cabos Wedding
Cabo Azul Los Cabos Wedding
Cabo Azul Los Cabos Wedding
Cabo Azul Los Cabos Wedding
Cabo Azul Wedding Photography
Cabo Beach Weddings_012
Cabo Beach Weddings_013

Cabo Beach Weddings_015
Cabo Beach Weddings_016
Cabo Beach Weddings_017

My lovely assistants Kimmy and Miranda. I may have to employ them full time!

Cabo Samba Dancers
Cabo Azul Wedding Photos_11

Cabo Azul Resort– Ask for Georgina

To Inquire about our Wedding Photography Packages please call our studio at 866.803.9585 or visit our website here Chris Schmitt Photography

More Photos from Cabo Azul Weddings

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