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Gerry Ranch is perfect Rustic Wedding Venue

Gerry Ranch is perfect Rustic Wedding Venue in Ventura County

Gerry Ranch is a working farm nestled in Santa Rosa Valley.  Run by Jacqeline and her team, Gerry Ranch an absolutely perfect setting for a romantic rustic  garden wedding. The vast landscape and picturesque orchards grace the surroundings, along with an abundance of windflowers, roses, lilies and daisies just to name a few.

Melanie and Steve added the rustic details of painted signs and light natural floral arrangements and it all came together perfectly. Butterflies and hummingbirds fly about, as if something out of a fairy tale!

The bride Melanie, is very close to her father, so she wanted to have a special moment with seeing her for the first time in her wedding dress. Her dad is a marine so having him in full uniform was omspecial for all involved. As you can imagine a father giving his daughter away is an emotional moment, and yes, we all had to wipe the tears away.

Steve is also active military, so the jokes and jabs between military rivalries were going on all day.  Steve, a constant joker, had me laughing from the first minute we arrived. I personally LOVED the suits the guys wore, which fit perfectly with the chic outdoor setting. This photo of them all looking GQ is one of my favorites of the day.

After a sweet ceremony our walk through the orchards with the bride and groom left us with some great shots one of which involved a tractor nonetheless! With the sunlight gone, and the stars upon us, the only thing left to do was toast to a sweet couple and and their long happy life together. Cheers!

To see more photos from this beautiful venue, please click here.

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