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Malibu Engagement Session with Cybel and Sebastian

Engagement sessions are always the most fun photoshoots I do. There is no pressure…really…and it’s a perfect opportunity to connect with my clients and see how they interact and feel in front of a camera.

Well this e-sesison was a little different. Our first location didn’t happen due to traffic issues so we ended up racing up PCH to north Malibu to one of my favorite beaches, but by the time we got there, it was about an hour before sunset and time was running out.

So this time I felt the pressure. But that was ok.  I thrive working under pressure. Probably from all those years working on set. Cybel and Sebastian have model good looks and needed hardly any direction. I just encouraged them to play around and let loose and everything just fell into place. Watching the sunset in Malibu puts everyone in a good mood, so that’s another reason I love shooting there.

Here’s a sneak peek of just a few of my favorites images taken in that hour leading up to sunset.

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