Union Station and Disney Hall Engagement Pictures|Matt+ Nikki

What a fun urban e-session at Union Station and Disney Hall last weekend. I invited a few fellow smuggers to join me in photographing Matt and Nikki for their engagement pictures. Matt and Nikki have that ‘chemistry’ that’s so fun to photograph. They had us all cracking up with their energy and inhibitions. We started off at Union Station downtown Los Angeles and then stopped by the Disney Concert Hall for a few more. Matt just so happens to be a killer D.J. and you can check out his website here.  Nikki is a forensic psychologist and we won’t get into her stories, but let’s just say that ‘Silence of the Lambs’ is a boring day at work for her! We can’t wait for their wedding featuring a U2 tribute band! Thanks to Tom Galassi, Katrina Brown, Kerem Hanci and Phoebe Chason for coming along!

Love the reflections here

Here too! LOL!

I’m Speechless. No really.

So great together!

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