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Adopt a Family in Need

Little boy in Thailand playing with stray dogs.

Hey Everyone,

We are adopting a family in need this year for Christmas. We have been paired up to help Gabino Jr. and his two daughters Marie and Annlie ages 2 and 3. The three of them live in a small studio apt. with his parents!

There are several requested items including warm clothes for his daughters since they have no heat in the apt.

List includes: sweats PJ’s socks underwear jackets toothbrushes!

Toys for the girls include Dolls Books Tricycle coloring books

If anyone would like to donate and contribute a little something this year to help them, please let us know.

 Everything must be wrapped and delivered to the Church by Dec. 15th.

We’ve guestimated that the entire list of requested items amounts to about $300.00 for the entire family. You can send us a check for whatever you can afford and then whatever is left over will be given to them as well.

Merry Christmas.

Chris Dre and Sawyer

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