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Cabo Azul Wedding|Kylie + Mike

Updated: Jan 29

kylie bisutti cover model

Cabo Azul resort in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Kylie and Mike were supposed to get married here last month, but the Swine Flu scare postponed their wedding. But as it turned out, a few of their guest who weren’t going to be able to make it then were able to make it now. Tom and I flew down last week to scope out Cabo Azul and enjoy a couple days of R&R before the wedding. Always a treat.

Weddings at Cabo Azul take place in a unique open air chapel which overlooks the property’s enormous pool and the ocean beyond that. It was a really beautiful setting. We didn’t have a chance to meet these guys until just before the ceremony started, but everyone was so down to earth and casual that it didn’t matter one bit. I really love shooting destination weddings for two reasons. One is my love for travel. And the second is that most couples who opt for the destination wedding are super easy going, laid back and down to earth.  When the groom shows up in flip flops I know it’s going to be a great wedding!

When I first saw Kylie the day of the wedding, she looked stunning in her Amy Michelson dress. I thought to myself “I need way more time to photograph her. She was just gorgeous!” 30 minutes of portraits after the ceremony just wasn’t going to be enough for me to get all that I wanted. I wanted a week to photograph her all around Cabo… I mean it’s not everyday I get a Victoria Secret model as a bride! But I took those 30 minutes and made the best of them. Making it all up as I went along getting inspired by some ropes hanging in the pool restaurant and some textured walls along the way. We then went out on the beach as the sun was setting and time ran out before I knew it.

The reception took place outside under the stars and it was a beautiful clear night. The resort arranged a fireworks show for them which they set off right on the beach in front of us. Really cool! At the end of the night I offered to come back the next morning for some more creative pictures, but they opted to sleep in and enjoy the next morning as newlyweds. Can you blame them? So Tom and I made sure the water temperature was ok for them in the pool (which it was)…and it was back to LA that afternoon.


When my wife Andrea saw this picture, she said, Are you serious? She’s gorgeous! I smiled and quickly said “Not compared to you honey! Whew…. Close one!”


This one above is my favorite from the wedding. These two really love one another and it shows here.


Danielle Bisutti workin’ it on the dancefloor!

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