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Cabo San Lucas Wedding Photography|Mike and Amanda

Cabo San Lucas Destination Wedding

How many of you have heard of Zacatitos Mexico? Not many I’m sure. But if you travel North of San Jose del Cabo about 45 minutes down a series of rustic dirt roads through the Baja desert, you will eventually arrive upon a tiny community of solar powered homes off the beaten track better know as Zacatitios. It’s a private paradise with a gorgeous beach and the perfect place to get away from it all.

Tom and I flew down Friday and Amanda and Mike met us at the airport to escort us to the wedding site. About half way down the bumpy dirt road we noticed Federales (or private security) in towers guarding something. Turns out they just keep an eye on the land 24/7 and make sure no one drives on it. It’s rumored to be owned by the owner of Corona and he doesn’t want anyone on his land…(especially us gringos). Seemed strange and a bit discomforting since we were in the middle of the desert. A bit further down the road we passed a sign for cow crossing and sure enough we came across a few skinny cows who were in the middle of the road checking us out.


My advice is stick to the carnitas.

So upon arrival to Zacatitios we scoped out the location and loved what we saw. Three spanish homes on a lot where their guests were staying and gave us lots of options for pictures. And a gorgeous beach down below with a homemade hoopa that Amanda’s dad Chico made. So cool!



We stayed for rehearsal dinner at Zac’s, the only restaurant in town.




We had a good meal and then drove back towards Cabo to check into our hotel.

The wedding the next day was really special. Everyone was so warm and friendly towards us and it made our job really fun. It was really hot and humid and we were sweating our butts off, but there is nothing you can do about the humidity. Minutes before the ceremony a fog bank rolled in which not only cooled the temp a little, but produced a very ethereal look to the ceremony with Amanda walking down the beach path with her father.



The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was filled with heart filled toasts and a bonfire beach party that rocked.






My favorite picture from the wedding is this moment where they kissed in front of the flames.



Destination weddings are always my favorite to shoot…you combine a great group of friends and family along with a great location, and you get the dream wedding. I think my own wedding was pretty amazing, but if I could do it over, I’d definitely do a destination wedding with my closest friends and family and just hang out on a killer beach somewhere with the people that mean the most to me.

The next day I had them come to our hotel for a quick trash the dress session before we went home which is always so fun to shoot. You are going to have to dry clean the dress anyway right? So before you do, why not go out and have some fun in it! I mean how often are you going to roll around in the surf in a wedding dress! It’s all about having fun and these guys were awesome hosts and made us feel so welcome.

We go back to Cabo in July and hope to do it all over again for that wedding too!







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