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Camarillo Ranch Wedding |Hannah and Jonathan

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Hannah and Jonathan held a beautiful wedding at the historic Camarillo Ranch House in Camarillo CA. They met at church youth group on a mission trip in Nashville. They grew up around each other and knew of each other, but Nashville was their first time talking when Jonathan asked Hannah to dance at a hoedown!

Fast forward 5 years and they went on their first date the night before she left for USC, even though he was a UCLA Bruin. For the next handful of years, he was a reliable date to my sorority dances, and I to his fraternity parties.

They both graduated and got jobs in Los Angeles, where they lived 10 minutes away from each other. Their relationship thrived during COVID when they got to spend more time with each other than any other point throughout their 6 years of dating! After they hit the one year mark of lockdown, they decided to take a trip to Hawaii (plus flights were cheap and places were starting to ease restrictions). Once there, they went on a secluded hike to a waterfall in inland Honolulu. They were alone on boulders at the top of the falls, with nothing but nature and each other all around. Jonathan got down on one knee, with water rushing by us, and asked Hannah to marry him! He didn't even bring the ring on the hike because of how intense it was (lots of crawling under fallen trees and jumps over streams), but said it seemed like too perfect an opportunity to pass up. And she of course said yes! The worst part was waiting another 30 minutes before finally seeing the ring which was back at the hotel room ;) Their next adventure after the wedding was their move to Seattle!

For Video, Click Play Button above

Florist: Unique Floral;;

DJ: Jason @ Bouquet Sound;;

Dress: Pronovias;

Cake: Fantasy Frostings;;

Catering: Command Performance Catering;;

Venue: Camarillo Ranch;;

Hair & Makeup: Rob Roberts @ Jamie's Salon (no social media)

Lighting: Coastal Events;;

Wedding Coordinator: Bella Vita Events;;,

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