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Foley Estates and Vineyard Wedding

Foley Estates and Vineyard Wedding with Stephanie and Juno

by Andrea Schmitt

One of the best best things about being a wedding photographer in California is the variety of beautiful wedding locations we get to photograph. Today’s couples have so many choices such as Country Clubs, hotels,churches, beaches, parks, golf courses, and my favorite, weddings at wineries.

Foley Winery is one of the most beautiful wineries in Santa Barbara wine country. Close by the city of Buellton, this vineyard is worth the stop on any wine tasting tour. And for weddings, add a vivacious, fun loving couple like Stephanie and Juno, and a full moon and you’ve got one hell of a party!

One thing we love to capture as the groom is getting ready is his reaction to seeing the boudoir album we put together for him on wedding day. In Juno’s case, we’ve never seen a groom so excited… LOL! Guests were transported from the nearby Marriott Hotel to Foley Winery by a vintage, Santa Barbara Trolley, serving sparkling wine.  Upon arrival refreshments included cupakes by Enjoy Cupcakes made with yes, wine of course!  The adorable vintage airstream cupcake truck served as the perfect way to welcome the guests upon arrival.

The wedding site which overlooked the ripe vineyards was accented by lively pink and purple flowers and the ceremony had an air of playful romanticism that fit perfect with this couple. The ceremony ended with the tradition of Jumping of the Broom.

Rebecca from Imagine is a seasoned professional wedding coordinator and she always delivers a perfect event. Almost too perfect in face, as guests didn’t want to leave!  They had late night entertainment with the dj DeVoux Grant rocking the house!  We witnessed one of the coolest dances we’ve seen at a reception performed by Stephanie’s sorority girls. I’m not sure what it was called but it felt a little primal and it sure was sexy! A send off of chocolate and caramel fountains, and the wild Photo Booth photos!

To inquire about us shooting your Foley Wedding, please eMail Us!

Foley Winery Wedding
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