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Happy Fathers Day!

Well I had a great fathers day and we hung out at Dre’s sister’s house. Sawyer got to play all day with his cousins and had a blast. I swear that boy has more energy than any kid I’ve ever seen! And once the inflatable pool came out, the clothes flew off and stayed off for the rest of the day!

I love taking these types of pictures and we are starting to do our summer series of family portraits which is a little different that the traditional posed pictures you may be used to seeing. We basically just invite ourselves to one of your family weekend BBQ’s and we take some pictures of you enjoying the day. Families just hanging out..Children playing, etc. And sure we take a few group shots as well.

These are the types of pictures we treasure and I’m sure you do too.

Cousin Bella

Busted! Look at that guilty look!

Ladies man!

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