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It’s OK Dad..let someone else win one!

My dad, Al Schmitt, is sort of a legend in the music business. I’m just so proud of him. He has won 17 Grammy’s and has been nominated over 35 times in his career. In 2005 he was the proud recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award and the whole family got to go and watch him receive this incredible honor. This year he cleaned house by winning 5 Grammy’s!

The 2007 nominations just came out and he isn’t nominated in his category of Engineer for the first time in many years. But I think it’s OK. He can enjoy the show from his living room for once like the rest of us! Apparently there is still a way for him to win won this year because several albums he worked on are nominated so he’d receive one if it wins.

My dad has so many great stories from working in the studio for over 50 years. I want to get them on video and do a documentary soon.

Here is a recap of him receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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