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Jennifer and Ron at Gardens of the World

At first, the Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks seemed inviting. But this was before having to sign a 2 page document stating that myself and my clients agree to the long list of rules, regulations and constant (and I mean constant) supervision. It became pretty comical. They had an employee walk past us every 5 minutes or so and then report back to the “garden sheriff” giving her updates to our behavior. One of the clauses states that there will be no wardrobe changes inside the public restrooms on property. (Even though we were literally the only ones there). So Jen and Ron respectfully changed clothes inside their car ( off property by the way) . Well within seconds, the garden sheriff came charging down the path asking us where exactly they changed clothes because word had gotten back to her that a wardrobe change had indeed taken place. Call the Police! Alert the Media. A Wardrobe Change has taken place!

C’mon people. Is this really the world we live in? I mean there is a war going on and we’re concerned about a wardrobe change at a public garden? You’d think people that work at a garden would be a little less uptight.

Anyway despite the rules and regulations, we were able to still capture some fun pictures and have a good time. Jen and Ron have great chemistry and we had some good laughs about the absurdity of the situation. I almost convinced Jen to streak through the garden on her way out.

Stay off the grass!

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