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The (RED) campaign is a really remarkable idea which makes it so easy for everyone to get invloved and help save the lives of people suffering from HIV in Africa. It was started by Bono and Bobby Shriver (whose father Sgt.Shriver was the head of the Peace Corps for over 20 years).

My mother who turns 75 this year served in the Peace Corps in Mozambique last year and the experience has been one of the most amazing of her life. The problem of HIV in Africa is overwhelming, but you have to start somewhere. I believe it’s through education first and foremost. My mother told me that the locals believe that the use of contraceptives is the actual cause of spreading the disease! Wait. It gets worse. Many also believe(d) that the only way to cure themselves of the disease is to have sex (by means of rape) of a virgin..unprotected of course. This usually means very young girls. How can you begin to work with people who believe this? Well slowly through education, at least younger generations are starting to learn the truth and break this cycle of ignorance. But it does still happen everyday in Africa.

The beautiful thing about the (RED) program is how easy it is to get invloved! I mean all you have to do is go to the Gap, the Apple store, Converse and many others and buy a (RED)Product. The store directly contributes 50% of the sale to the (RED) charity. The coolest part of this is that many of the clothes and I think all the Red clothes that the Gap sells are made in Africa. So in essence, the workers who work for just $1.00 a day (not enough to afford the medication) are now able to get back in proceeds enough in donations to receive the medication they need to stay alive. I just read one report that estimates the number of children suffering from HIV in Africa alone is over 700,000.

Want to see how little it takes to make a real difference? Click on the (RED calculator) and see!

I’m adding a few new products next year. These (RED) products will include frames (not Red in color) Apple iPods, Video DVD’s . I’ll be donating 50% of every (RED) Product to them.

If feels great to give. This holiday while you’re out doing your last minute shopping, I challenge you to buy at least one Red gift for someone on your list.

Happy Holidays.

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