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Liza & Ron’s Wedding

We had two weddings this past Saturday. My good friend and super talented photographer Lori Needleman and ‘the wife’ photographed their wedding. I thought I take a lot of pictures at a wedding… Holy Cow! Lori came over and handed me a pile of CF cards and with a big smile said , “Here you go, have fun!”

We also had A Bride To Be Videography out there covering both weddings and we are really building an awesome team. Both Katie and Tim did such amazing jobs. Our goal is to bring a bride to tears with each video. How about this for a tagline….’We’re not happy until you cry!’

I need to hire someone to come in and help me edit because my right eyeball is twitching and I think it’s about to fall out.

Anyway, here are a few killer shots and thanks Lori for not missing a moment!..literally!

To View their Slideshow, Click Here.

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