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Malibu Rocky Oaks Wedding|Lauren and Casey Janssen

Malibu Rocky Oaks Wedding|Lauren and Casey Janssen

So, your boyfriend takes you skydiving. Scary! Invigorating! Adrenaline! And then on your way down what comes to view? A sign “Will You Marry Me?” And your boyfriend with a sparkly ring and a smile awaits. Like you don’talready have enough racing through your veins!?! Wow. Obviously, with tears in her eyes she said “Yes!”.  Which takes us to the epitome of wedding perfection: Malibu Rocky Oaks.

Between the venue, the handsome MLB Pitcher groom, and the stunning bride, there were so many incredible photos that it was hard to pick just a few for this post.  For their ‘first look’, Casey was taken aback immediately by Lauren’s beauty as she descended the winding staircase. Look at this dress!! She seriously looks like a supermodel. But as you can see, she was a trooper as Chris led her to the cliff and caught what may be my favorite picture of the year. I took the photo of the boys lined up over the pool overlooking the canyon which was a fun one. But as they joked about jumping in, I seriously had to threaten them with death if they did!

What struck me early on with this group of guys, was their comraderie. Many of them played ball together for years and their bond really showed.  Casey is a pitcher in MLB currently signed with The Washington Nationals , so the baseball theme rang throughout the night! The home plate that the guests signed, the ….. Lauren’s Dads toast had jokes about “hitting a homer” and not “striking out” and not being a “switch hitter” and Casey’s brother’s toast literally had me laughing so hard I was crying.

All the details were exquisite due to Charley and her team at Bluebell Events!! Call Charley if you want it all!

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Wedding Planner: Bluebell Events

Videographer: David Medhill

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