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Marina del Rey Marriot Wedding Pictures | with Ryan and Jill

We just photographed a beautiful wedding  for Ryan and Jill on the roof of the Marriot in Marina del Rey. I love these guys! I mean what’s not to love about a gorgeous couple who have great chemistry and both appreciate photography? They were just so much fun and it makes my job much easier when a couple is relaxed, not stressed and just excited and happy on their wedding day. One of the best ways to achieve this is to hire a great coordinator for your wedding. One of the best I have ever worked with is Mimi of Mimi’s events. She and her team were just on top of everything and really came through several times on their wedding day. I’m telling you all right now to save your money for a great coordinator to ensure a successful wedding!

One of my favorite moments on wedding day is when the bride’s father see’s his daughter for the first time. You can usually tell right away the relationship and bond the two have according to the reaction of the dad. Well, Jill’s dad didn’t disappoint. Instant tears! And I flash-forwarded to imagining myself having the same reaction when my daughter gets married one day. ( I know I have plenty of time to prepare). But he literally had to leave the room to gain his composure. Jill did look stunning and Ryan isn’t too shabby himself.

For the getting ready pictures, we work differently from most all other photographers. I like to send my wife with the guys and I usually hang with the ladies because I find the opposite sex brings out much better candids this way. Well, while editing the pictures from this wedding, I noticed lots and lots of “extra” getting ready pics of the guys getting ready. I’m sure it wasn’t because Ryan was shirtless and buff. My wife just had a smile on her face and said she was trying to get the exposure right! ; )

Well we both really enjoyed this wedding and that’s what it’s all about. I tried to convince them to bring us with them on their honeymoon to Tahiti, but no luck.

We always love working with the DJ’s from Gold Dust Entertainment and they kept the crowd rockin’ !

Gorgeous Orchids (one of the most amazing bouquets I’ve ever seen) and other flowers provided by Flowers by Felicia

marina del rey marriot wedding pictures
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