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Mooloolaba Australia Wedding

What a trip! Aside from the painfully long flight (almost 16 hours to Sydney then another 2 hour flight to Sunshine Coast…with a 15 month old! ), we had a blast. But we were actually very lucky. Sawyer was amazing and slept a lot of the flight. The hardest part was adjusting to the time difference. They are 17 hours ahead of us.

The wedding was really nice and the Surf Club was a great location to get married at. Aussies really know how to party and we have the pictures to prove it! We really enjoyed Mooloolaba and the Sunshine Coast. The beach reminded me more of Santa Monica and I think I was expecting a little more Bora Bora! Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to head north to the Great Barrier Reef which is still on my list of must do’s!

The weather was still hot and humid. They are just now going into fall and it was weird to see all the leaves turning colors and falling from the trees this time of year. The ocean felt great. The beach in front of our hotel had perfect body surfing waves and I showed the locals a few tricks of my own. ; )

I will be posting wedding photos soon. For now, here are a few Fine Art Pictures I took while in Sydney.

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