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Moorpark Country Club Wedding |Danielle + Tyler

We were back at Moorpark Country Club and we start off with having a gorgeous couple, then add an intimate little wedding party to the mix… yeah right! This wild group of 24 was a force to reckon with! Yes you read it right…24 in the bridal party! One word for this wedding: Party! What a blast this wedding this was.

The highlight was post ceremony, when the entire wedding party – groomsmen vs. bridesmaids, decided to liven up the group photos by getting in a full football line of scrimmage. The bride was the quarterback with her bouquet as the football… hut 1, hut 2, hut 3… HIKE! With a long pass, flowers soaring through the air, the defense seemed a little distracted by the hot bridesmaids in fuschia dresses. Touchdown ladies! That was a first for me.

Fast forward to the cake cutting when one of the bridesmaids wouldn’t stop egging Danielle to smash cake in Tyler’s face. Well Danielle took the X-large piece of cake and proceeded to smash it in her face instead! Then the Jr.bridesmaid started laughing so hard …so she got nailed too! I’m surprised a full on Caddyshack food fight didn’t break out. It was pretty hilarious in person and well here’s what I’m talking about.


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