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Moorpark Country Club Wedding|Joe and Michelle

[Written by Andrea Schmitt]

Michelle and Joe got married at one of our favorite places to shoot, The Moorpark Country Club in Ventura County. We love it here at Moorpark Country club because you can go all over the property to take pictures. They give you a golf cart to take the Bride and Groom away for pictures after the ceremony which is always a nice touch. We have photographed many weddings here in the past and always look forward to working there again.

Michelle and Joe were really cute together. He loves to make her laugh and it’s fun to watch and photograph. They had a large wedding party and we got some great pictures.  The beautiful floral arrangements came from Happy Flowers and we enjoyed working with John La Fever of iMemory Films who shot video.

A couple moments really stood out for me.  One was the first dance.  It started off all nice and sweet and surprised everyone with ending in a hilarious compilation of 80’s hits – including a pretty decent rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. These two were having a blast and you can tell they are just two big kids at heart.

Then seeing Michelle’s dad so emotional for the toast – I looked over at Chris who was trying to keep his cool but I could tell his eyes were welling up too! There’s just something about watching a grown man cry that get’s us every time! Michelle looked beautiful and I loved her dress.  Chris got an gorgeous picture of it in the dressing room while I was out with the guys making  them “work it” for me. Lots of laughs!


Beautiful Bride

moorpark country club wedding photos-100
moorpark country club wedding photos-101

Working it!


Trying to run for the hills, but his boys held him back

moorpark country club wedding photos-103
moorpark country club wedding photos-104

Seriously Cool!

moorpark country club wedding photos-106

I love this moment at a wedding..the buildup

moorpark country club wedding photography
moorpark country club wedding photography-3

The beautiful details

moorpark country club wedding pictures_2


moorpark country club wedding pictures_4

Moorpark Country Club 11800 Championship Drive Moorpark, CA 93021 Ph: (805) 532-2834

to see more photos from Moorpark Country club Contact  Chris:


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