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Hidden in the hills near the Getty, just off the 405, is the picturesque Mountaingate Country Club. Alan and Erica had a beautiful wedding day here last weekend. I love shooting weddings here at Mountaingate CC because of the amount of space we have to shoot, and I’m able to shoot where I want to which is always nice.

Whenever I get to a location and I’m told by a coordinator “where I can shoot” and “this is where all the other photographers set up to take pictures”, I just cringe. I never want to shoot from the same spot where all the other photographers shoot. We all see the world a little different and hopefully I’m being hired for the way I see the day unfold. (This did not happen here by the way which is why I like this location so much). I also love that they allow you to take a golf cart onto the golf course and take pictures after the ceremony.

Alan and Erica are really cute together. I got to know them a little on the engagement session and Alan definitely cares about the photography. I hate to say it, but it’s almost always the brides who care about the quality of the photography. Many guys look like they’re being dragged over here for our initial meetings. I laugh it off. I get it. Most guys aren’t the artsy fartsy types and that’s totally fine. But when I get the occasional groom who is really excited about getting their pictures and calls me, emails me with questions, ideas, etc., it really is exciting for me as well. And most importantly their pictures are going to rock because they are both excited to do them.

So all you guys out there, listen up! It’s cool to care about your wedding photography. Support your lovely “brides to be” and don’t worry, we make it fun.

Mountaingate Country Club12445 Mountain Gate Dr Los Angeles, CA 90049-1195 (310) 476-6215

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