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Mountaingate Country Club Wedding|Brad and Jacquie

Brad and Jacquie got married at Mountaingate Country Club which is one of our favorite wedding venues. Most weddings at Mountaingate Country Club take place on the back lawn overlooking the fairway below. It’s a gorgeous view and we’ve often seen deer running around at twilight which you don’t expect to see so close to the 405 FWY!

Brad and Jacquie are so cute together. They surprised all their guests with an unbelievable dance-off as part of their grand entrance and first dance together. Then there was a dance-off that the guests had to participate in as well. The sexiest man from each table was chosen to show his moves in front of the crowd. It was a close competition and the cool part was they really were giving it their all!  Another really cool moment followed when all the guys at the weding surronded Jacquie as she sat in a chair and proceeded to snap their fingers and serenade her acapella to ‘My Girl’.

The reception courtyard at Mountaingate looks amazing at night with all the white lights hanging above the dance floor. The guest placeholders were made to look like airline tickets which told them which table to sit at. Each table represented a destination where the two have traveled together.

My 2 tickets just said “Paradise” … Get it? … Ok I’ll just stick to taking pictures.


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