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Oahu Paradise Cove Wedding and Luau| Jeff + Sheila

We just got back from shooting an amazing wedding in Hawaii. Jeff and Sheila have been dating for over 10 years, but acted like they were on a first date! They put us up at the beautiful Hilton Hawaiian Village. It’s the nicest resort on Waikiki Beach in my opinion. We shot our engagement session the day before the wedding at the beautiful Eternity Beach where they filmed the classic beach scene in the movie ‘From Here to Eternity’ in 1953.

The Wedding took place at the famous Paradise Luau in Ko Olina. It was a beautiful day. Just as Jeff and Sheila finished their vows, the rain came in (looked upon as a blessing in Hawaii) and lasted just a couple minutes. Then the clouds cleared and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset and the luau entertainment began.

My most favorite thing about photographing weddings in Hawaii is the beautiful light. It seems like everything around is just so vibrant and colorful. And then the sunsets are the most beautiful of anywhere I’ve ever seen.

Congratulations Jeff and Sheila and we’ll see you soon for your second reception in Orange County!

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