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Oscar Night

Sorry for the lack of Blogging lately…. we have been so busy this year in the studio already with booking up the calendar from all those Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day proposals! Is it just me or were there an awful lot of New Years Proposals this year?

Well congratulations to all of you who have recently gotten engaged and I’m honored to be the photographer to those of you who have us on board.

So back to Oscar night…My mother was an entertainment writer for over 30 years and watching the Oscars with her is like getting a back stage pass to the show. It seems she has interviewed at one time or another at least half of the audience and she of course has a story or two to go with each one.

She is 75 now, and still gets so excited for Oscar night. She makes us fill out our Nomination sheet and whoever wins the most right gets…well nothing really… but there should be a prize! Can you bet on the winners in Vegas? Because if you can, I’m 4 for 5 right now. Not too bad.

Ok, well wedding season is starting soon and there will be plenty of new pictures and stories to talk about in the coming months.

We are so excited to be heading to Australia in just a few weeks for an amazing destination wedding on the sunshine coast.

I’ve never been there and we can’t wait.

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