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Pacific Edge Wedding in Laguna Beach | Chad + Terah

This wedding at Pacific Beach in Laguna Beach was so much fun! Terah and Chad have an infectious type of love. I mean you can’t help but smile and laugh when you are around them because they absolutely adore one another. We’re talking high school crush type of giddiness. They are just perfect together.

Terah is just a couple months away from adding a little one to their family and one of her bridesmaids also had a bun in the oven. Must be the Laguna Beach air.

They held their ceremony, reception, and stayed the night at the lovely Pacific Edge right on the beach in downtown Laguna. It was our first time shooting there and we loved it. You are given the entire house to shoot in and you just can’t beat the location on the beach.

We wish the very best for Chad and Terah and the new family they are about to enjoy.

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