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Prints 101- Proofs vs. Pictage Prints

Prints 101

I’d like to discuss the difference between Proof Prints and Final Prints from Pictage or any other “Professional Lab” vs. a Drug Store.

If I had a dollar for every time a bride asked me why her Wedding Pictures that she took to Sav-on or Target look like crap, I could almost retire ; ) Have you looked behind the counter at who is printing your wedding pictures lately? Not exactly a professional retoucher custom printing your pictures is it!

I know firsthand how expensive it is to get married. And now after your wedding , there are still more costs with ordering prints. This is why in most of my packages, I include a good number of proofs for you and extra 4X6’s are just .95 each. But for your enlargements, you should order retouched pictures from Pictage or a Professional lab and here is why.

Here is an example of a Proof Print.

This is what you can expect as a proof print from a drug store: This picture is a little dark and you might not even bother ordering it if you saw this on your website.

Now here is an example of what a Final Print from Pictage or any other PROFESSIONAL lab should look like.

In addition to the picture being custom color corrected, retouched and enhanced, it is also printed on Kodak Endura Archival Paper rated to last at least 100+ years! This paper is expensive and adds to the final cost of the print.

These examples are being viewed on your computer monitor vs. in your hand, but as you can see, most every picture has the potential to look great!

So when people ask me if they can they take their CD to Target, Costco or Sav On, I say yes you can, but why would you when you can always order through me for better quality proofs at almost the same pricing for 4X6’s than those places? I pass on my wholesale rates and these are your wedding pictures after all!

I’m not saying you can’t get a good print from one these places…often times you can..especially if the picture looks good to start with. But a professional lab has technicians who look at each picture and print it in the best way possible-especially when it comes to your enlargements (5X7’s and up). You will definitely see a huge difference in the print quality. If you plan on framing them, then please, get them professionally printed.

The truth is, I want everyone to have the best quality prints they can get since this is my work and your wedding you are displaying in your home. This is why I pass on the low rates I get and offer discounts.

Everyone who orders their enlargements through Pictage love them. If there is ever a problem, I take care of it right away. If you ever have any questions, I’m always around.

Class Dismissed!

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