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Sarasota Destination Wedding and TTD|Denise+Fred

Denise and Fred had their destination wedding at Turtle Beach in Sarasota Florida. A beautiful white sand beach and popular vacation spot. It was one of the hottest days I’ve ever experienced shooting. I think my black camera body seared my lip like a piece of Ahi Tuna at one point, but hey anything for these guys!

I first met Denise on the set of a David la Chappelle photoshoot in the Bahamas and he just so happened to be a guest at her wedding. And it was nice for me to see him again after all these years. I used to work with David and her brother Fred for several years and I attribute that time as my greatest learning experience. So I was honored to get the call to photograph Denise’s wedding.

Denise looked gorgeous and despite the sweltering heat, we made the best of it and got some really fun photos that day.  They held their reception at Ophelias on the bay and it was a beautiful backdrop for their reception. The next day we hit Siesta Key Beach  for their Trash the Dress photoshoot for their world famous white sand and aqua blue water..and dragonflies! It was crazy. Hundreds of dragonflies seemed to come out of nowhere as soon as we started taking pictures. Very surreal. We gave a show to the tourists who couldn’t believe Densie would run into the ocean in her dress. Some were shocked while others cheered us on. It was awesome and I always love TTD photoshoots.  It was a fast trip and I look forward to going back to explore the area and enjoy the beach a little more next time.

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