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Senior Portraits

This year we have decided to incorporate High School Senior Portraits into our fall lineup. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and in High School, we’d come to Hollywood on the weekends because we thought it was cool. I don’t think it was that cool now, but at least it was much different from the burbs.

Our marketing approach is simple with High School Seniors. Be different. Get out of the burbs and into the city where we can take some unique pictures that stand out from the traditional posed studio portraits that are just so overdone. When Shelby arrived, we drove down to Hollywood Blvd where we saw the Incredible Hulk just walking down a side street carrying his head in his arms. We turned down another street looking for parking and there was Superman walking to the post office. This is Hollywood. Surreal. Different. Fun.

We are offering a Back to School promotion for the month of September. Bring a friend and save 50%. Call for details.

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