The Ebell Los Angeles Wedding Photography | Matt and Nikki

I had been looking forward to photographing this wedding for a long time. Simply because it’s one of the most fun couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting as I learned from the engagement session. That and the fact that they were hiring the best U2 tribute band around. I first met Matt a couple years ago at a wedding as he is a well known D.J.(website here). Nikki is a forensic psychologist which immediately makes me think she’s crazy  and as it turns out she is. Hilariously crazy .She had us cracking up all day long. And I would think having a great sense of humor would help in that line of work! They got ready at one of my favorite hotels: the infamous haunted Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. (google it). Their reception took place at the historic and elegant  Ebell of Los Angeles. I wouldn’t be surprised it that place is haunted too! I’m just sayin’.

It was quite the party. Matt’s sister is a professional dancer and what a show she put on with a friend. It was awesome. Then at one point I saw a big wet shirt flying through the air which belonged to someone’s uncle who I guess decided  it was time for a dance off. Let the pictures begin!  All I know is that just when I thought it couldn’t get more entertaining, Hollywood U2 went on which was the icing on the cake.

Thanks to Kimery of Kimery Events who coordinated the wedding.

For all you Entourage fans…this is where Vinnie Chase resided.

And we had an Entourage of our own here.

Hello Ladies!

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