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The Royal Resort Wedding in Playa del Carmen and Trash the Dress | with Diana and Rocky

What a great wedding Rocky and Diana held at Real Resort’s The ROYAL luxury resort in Playa del Carmen Mexico . What I love most about photographing destination weddings is the experience they provide me. Ironically, I’m being hired to provide an experience for my couples to create images that are unique that they will appreciate and love. But it’s really me who benefits from the experience because I get so inspired to try new things and just explore and be creative.

This is my third wedding in six weeks down in Playa del Carmen Mexico and all three weddings have been a blast. This wedding was special for me because it was my first time photographing and directing a bride who is hearing impaired. I think Diana was more nervous about it that I was, but for me after 5 minutes it was really no different than photographing any other bride. I like to use long lenses when I shoot so that I’m not so close and in your face … so I often use hand signals to direct my couples a little when needed. Well if anyone could understand my hand signals instantly, it was Diana! And what a gorgeous bride! So photogenic.

I was really touched by their relationship. Rocky fell in love with Diana, and didn’t let their communication be an issue. He has learned sign language and Diana reads lips. During the ceremony, he signed his vows to her and it was just really sweet.

I took a lot of pictures over the weekend. Again, I was inspired everywhere I looked. Rehearsal dinner at the very cool and jungly La Cueva del Chango. Note: Bring mosquito repellent! A Trash the Dress session that may just be one of my favorites of all time. We walked through the streets of Playa del Carmen, walked through another resort I had scoped out, made Diana get into the pool and sit in this modern chair and then finished at the beach rolling around in the surf. Totally fun!

And I really liked The ROYAL resort for the reception location. It was held on the vast lawn surrounded by the resort and it was really picturesque.

Here are just a few favorites from the wedding and TTD.

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