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The Secret is out!

This is the DVD everyone is talking about and now that the author and panel was on Oprah yesterday, it’s sure to sell out fast. It’s the one book/DVD that’s sure to change your life.

One of my favorite quotes from the Oprah show yesterday was from our very own Dr. Michael Beckwith who is the founder of Agape Church where we attend. It was so cool to see him on her show! He was referring to the law of Attraction which basically states that what you think about, you bring about. He said, “You can’t change anything in your life or attract anything new [change] until you show gratitude for what you already have.

I thought that was a profound and powerful realization.

Based on the Law of Attraction, because we are focused on lack instead of abundance, we attract more of what we don’t want in our lives. Many of us are always focused on what we don’t have in our life. Such as owning a house in LA!, that sweet 50″ Sony Flat Screen Plasma TV, a new car, a larger savings account, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a smaller waistline..or whatever your perceived lack in life is.

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, “To change your life, change your thinking.” It’s all the same words of wisdom. Their advice was to focus on what is abundant in your life and be grateful for it. Sometimes it’s hard to do this, but it’s necessary to bring change.

I just had an interview with a really nice couple yesterday and the groom asked me, “Why am I a photographer?” I paused a second because no one has ever asked me this question. I’ve been asked a million times how long I’ve been a photographer, (15 years by the way), but never Why. I thanked him for the question and my reply was simple. I said it’s the only job I’ve ever done in my life where I actually love what I’m doing. So much so, that it doesn’t feel like work. I have a passion for what I do and I think it shows in my photography. For this, I’m so grateful! To be able to make a living at something that brings me so much joy is a true blessing and I know how fortunate I am. I have a favorite quote I remember from high school by Mark Twain which says, “The Secret of Success is making your vocation your vacation.” So true.

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