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To Fly or not to Fly!

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There are several of us wedding photographers who are called, “Destination Wedding Photographers“. We book jobs out of state and in my case mostly Hawaii. I’ve actually photographed 12 weddings outside of Los Angeles County this year which is a lot of traveling.

With the new restrictions on air travel and carry on items, I’m a little worried about continuing to book these. I have no fear of flying, but rather a fear of checking my camera gear! I fit everything nicely into my Lowepro Pro roller 1 Carry on case.I don’t feel safe checking it because if anything becomes lost or damaged, I’m in real trouble.

So I think for now, since I still have 5 upcoming Hawaii weddings later this year, that I’m going to have to switch to the Pellican Cases and just check the bags. At least I won’t have to worry about the gear getting damaged, but lost is a whole other story. And thanks to the moving company which helped me with the move during the entire trip.

Maybe I should just move there full time and then I really don’t have to worry about it!

About Chris Schmitt Photography

Chris and Andrea opened Chris Schmitt Photography Studio in 2001.

Chris Schmitt is an international wedding and portrait photographer based in Thousand Oaks California. His images have been published in media outlets such as the Today Show, OWN Network, Good Morning America, Los Angeles Magazine, Instyle, Destination Wedding Magazine, The Knot, Brides Magazine, Ceremony Magazine, J-Date, SELF, Grace Ormonde, California Wedding Day Magazine and dozens of wedding blogs and websites. He has also been seen on the Wedding Reality T.V Show, For Better or for Worse on TLC.  Last year, the studio celebrated photographing their 500th wedding!

Before photographing weddings, Chris had the incredible experience of working with legendary celebrity and fashion photographers including Annie Leibowitz, David la Chapelle, Bruce Weber, Matthew Rolston, Peggy Sirota and many others who all inspired him to pursue his own photography career. Those years of working with the masters inspired him to bring a sense of style, fashion, elegance and fun to his wedding portraits.

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