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Vanessa and Dan

Wow what a fun time at the engagement shoot yesterday. The weather was perfect and there was hardly anyone around. We went to my favorite beach in Malibu and took some really fun shots. Dan was a little nervous at first (as most guys are) but within 5 minutes he relaxed and the two were having a blast together. They had a great energy between them and it shows in the pictures.

The key to a succesful engagement shoot is to just play and have a good time. Ignore the camera for the most part. I tell people to pretend I’m not even there and when I want you to look at the camera, I’ll tell you. I’ve had some couples really get into the whole sunset/romantic vibe that the beach draws out in people.. to the point where I’m like, ” Ok…Hi guys…remember me? We’re not shooting From Here to Eternity! …so can you stop rolling around in the surf now… LOL!

But Vanessa and Dan are awesome and you can click the SLIDESHOW to see more….

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