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Vasquez Engagement Session |Corrinne + Rudy

We just did a really cool engagement session with Corinne and Rudy and their two gorgeous Husky’s. We drove out to Vasquez Rocks which has long been a popular filming location for a lot of the old westerns. These guys had great chemistry and were a lot of fun to photograph. Their dogs were so excited to be out of the car and wanted to run around so badly!

A quick note to photographers..If you bring an assistant, you will need a permit. I brought my new assistant Dida with me to show her the ropes on how I photograph an engagement session and you would think I had committed a felony based on the ranger’s reaction to me not having a permit! Gotta love LA. I would think people who work in nature would be more kind and tree-hugger like. ;  )

But it was worth getting yelled at because Dida got a few of my favorite pictures from the shoot..see below.

Beautiful Location

I loved their chemistry!

So much about taking a good picture is really about having a good eye and I love this picture that Dida captured above.

Another great picture from Dida. It’s simple, but very sweet.

I love this one too! Great job Dida!

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