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Venice Canals Engagement Pictures|Jeff and Sarah

Well what can I say about Jeff and Sarah? They are the first couple to ever convince me to do a sunrise shoot! Well it was actually 7:30 am but it may as well have been the crack of dawn! (Can you tell I’m not a morning person?)

They had a great idea. One that I was really excited about. They wanted to shoot at 2 Rodeo on Rodeo drive where the streets are cobblestone and the shopping is first class. The idea was to get there early before anything opened and before the crowds gathered. I had never shot an engagement session there before and loved the idea. It looks like it could be right out of a European village, and being that they will be getting married in Tuscany next year, it was the perfect location to tie the theme right in.

Unfortunately, before I even took one picture, Mr. Security asked us for our permit and then asked us to leave. This is honestly one of the worst cities in the world to try and take pictures in. You need a permit to take a picture of just about anything …anywhere in LA. It’s so ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous is the fact that Mr. Security said if I was using a “smaller camera” I could take as many pictures as I wanted to.

Well I wasn’t going to get up at sunrise for nothin’… so I just stood in the middle of Rodeo Dr, put on a long lens, and had Jeff and Sarah stroll the cobblestone street. (standing off their property) and just took as many shots as I could before Mr. Security called for backup!

We needed another location, so Jeff suggested the canals in Venice. Another unique location and we got some beautiful pictures there with the sun coming up and the reflections on the water were gorgeous.

Jeff and Sarah are such a fun couple and I love the way Jeff gets her to laugh. I cannot wait to go to Tuscany next year with them.

Here are a few shots from the engagement shoot.

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