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Wedding Accessories Styles in 2024: Trends to Watch Out For and Pro Tips for Accessories Photography

2024 weddings are all about being loud and proud. The subtle looks, and chic accessories have evolved into big bows, tiaras, and large earrings. So, if you’re ready to get hitched this season, you need to learn all about the new accessory trends in town.

Afterall, a perfect wedding demands attention to detail. And your wedding accessories can have an impact on your entire ensemble, making or breaking your wedding photographs.

Trends For 2024

Here are 6 accessory trends for 2024 that you can incorporate into your wedding ensemble to make your wedding day a sight for sore eyes.

Statement Headpieces

Your wedding is a day for you to feel like a princess, and what better way to show that with a crown that turns heads. Statement headpieces are making waves in today’s bridal looks, as more and more brides ditch the traditional veils to and opt for embellished crowns and tiaras. Even oversized floral headpieces, with flowers woven into the rest of the hair, are also getting extremely popular, especially for outdoor weddings with a garden or beach venue.

Couture bride veil

Pro Tip For Photography

The art of capturing statement headpieces lies in the use of natural lighting. Close up shots of the bride's face are a great way to capture the headgear in all its glory. This will help you capture the minute details of the accessory while also enhancing the beauty of the photograph.

Extravagant Earrings

Extravagant ear pieces have become a staple of bridal looks in 2024. Many brides love to show off conventionally pretty earrings such as chandelier earrings, or even the occasional teardrops, especially when they come in coloured gemstones that complement their wedding attire perfectly. On the other hand, unconventional brides also love wearing ear plug jewelry for an eccentric look, all of which adds to the beauty of their look.

Pro Tip For Photography

The best way to capture earrings is to focus on the face as a whole. Along with other accessories and the overall look of the bride, these extravagant earrings will shine through. Another approach that can be taken is to click side shots of the bride, or click some close ups as she gently tucks her hair behind the ear, making the earrings the focal point of attention.

Extended Gloves

No traditional bridal look is complete without a pair of long gloves, and that’s exactly what the brides of 2024 are opting for. For a regal feel, long and drawn out gloves are making a come back. Not only do they offer a unique and personalized touch to the look, but also complete their outfit for their special day.

Pro Tip For Photography

To showcase the fancy gloves, it’s important to treat them as a part of the entire ensemble. So couple pictures and solo pictures are a nice approach to bring the focus onto them. Another way to do this can be when the bride is holding a bouquet in her hands or gently keeping her hand on her face, or when the groom gently holds the bride’s hand, in almost a royal like fashion, the gloves will come into full display to be photographed.

Oversized Ribbon Bows

Who doesn’t like an authentic bridal look with an oversized bow tying (pun intended) up the whole look together? These old school ribbon bows are rejoining the trend for wedding accessories in 2024, and we’re here for it! This time, they’re bigger and better. Whether you prefer a silk ribbon bow or one that’s embellished with pearls and gemstones, you can definitely add it to your wedding ensemble for a cute yet sparkly finish.

Pro Tip For Photography

For capturing the gorgeous ribbon bows, you can ask the wedding photographer to take backshots of the bride, both full length and close ups. These should ideally be taken in soft light with a simple and no fluff background so that the entire attention can be focused on the bride's hairstyle and cute ribbon bow. You can play around with angles to capture the accessory in different views.

Vintage Pieces

Vintage inspired pieces have a way of exuding elegance with their timeless look, that’s exactly why so many couples, especially the brides tend to lean towards such accessories, making them a perennial choice for wedding accessories in 2024, especially for a rustic wedding look. While vintage pieces can certainly be bought, more often than not they’re family heirlooms, passed down through generations, to the next bride in line. Such pieces are not only a fierce fashion accessory but also add a sense of nostalgia to the wedding, making it more special.

Pro Tip For Photography

It’s often seen that soft lighting and muted tones of the backdrop help to enhance the elegance of the jewelry while being photographed. Instead of directly focusing on the piece, try to capture candid moments with the couple’s hands resting close to the piece. For example, if it’s a vintage necklace, you can capture the bride as she holds it close to her or gently plays with or adjusts the accessory.

Sustainable Elements

The couples of 2024 are not only ready to get married, but they’re also environmentally conscious. As a result, eco-friendly and sustainable accessories are gaining popularity as the top choice for the wedding day. Whether it's an ethically sourced wedding ring, made of lab grown diamonds or repurposed metals, or any other big or small accessories created from recycled materials, the wedding accessories created with a virtuous intent are all in. In fact, today brides are specifically looking for eco-friendly fashion brands for their wedding attire too.


Pro Tip For Photography

Sustainable accessories are best photographed against a backdrop of picturesque nature. This creates a sense of harmony and brings meaning to the choice of fashion accessories of the bride and groom. To add depth to the wedding photography, make use of natural elements, and capture the bride and groom against them.

It’s A Wrap

Accessories form an essential component of your wedding day ensemble and aid in clicking the most perfect photographs. If you’ve decided to get married in 2024, you simply can’t miss out on these 6 accessory styles and trends that are taking the wedding market by storm to look like the absolute diva that you are on your special day. For creating unforgettable memories, remember to use the pro tips to photograph your wedding accessories the right way.

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