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What to Wear at your Engagement Photoshoot

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Engagement sessions are one of our favorite types of photoshoots. It is the first time your photographer will have the chance to work with you and hopefully build a great rapport so that you are like old friends when it comes time for wedding day.

There are two things to decide on when it comes to your engagement session. One is the location. Your photographer will have suggestions and of course if you have an idea or special location that's meaningful, by all means let your photographer know.

The second is deciding what to wear. This largely depends on your style, personality and location of the photoshoot. We like to suggest to our couples to dress it up. The

of being dressed up in a Nature location or at the Beach looks stylized and glamourous.

PRO TIP: Coordinate outfits, but don’t match. Coordinating outfits involves using complimentary colors, fabrics, accessories and aesthetics. I recommend picking two outfits. One that is a little more casual, and another that is a little more dressy.

For women:

So many choices! Long flowy dresses are always flattering! They look great as you are walking,strolling,spinning and as you are standing still. Long dresses give lots of movement to photos and make women look very feminine which is perfect. Dresses can also be dressed up or dressed down, so they work as a casual outfit or as a dressy one. You can also pair your dress with heels, wedges, boots or a cute hat.

If dresses really aren’t your thing, choose skinny jeans or pants and these can look great too. Most importantly choose an outfit to wear that you love, that is comfortable and what you know you will look amazing in!

For fabrics and colors, I love seeing women in patterns or pops of color. Be mindful in balancing patterns between you and your partner though. If you are going to be wearing a dress with a big floral pattern all over it (which I’d love!), have your partner wear more solid colors to balance everything out. If you want to go with a more timeless look and don’t want to commit to a big patterned and colorful fabric, stick to neutrals, muted tones, or color blocking. Soft blues, pinks, and whites are less distracting and bring attention to your faces rather then your clothing. You can also incorporate different textures and textiles. Stay away from Horizonal stripes, or distracting patterns, Feminine fabrics that look great on camera are lace, chiffon, thick-weaved sweaters, and silk.

PRO TIP: Accessories help add to the outfit and give your photos a little something extra. Belts, Jewelry, Hats, Scarves are all great.


Men should always dress up a little more than they think (or maybe want to) for their engagement session. A nice suit, slacks with a patterned button-up, or a sports coat are just a few options. A button up shirt with jeans and nice shoes is a great option for casual dressy. Since these are engagement photos and not wedding photos, most men don’t wear a tie (even in the dressier outfit). Guys...don't forget to accesorize. Pair your outfit with a nice watch, belt, and leather or suede shoes to give it that extra touch of class.

Stay away from..

Noisy patterns and clothing with logos as they can be distracting. Keep it classy, simple and ready to have some fun!

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