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Back from Tahoe

We love Tahoe! We got 16 inches of fresh powder a couple days ago at Homewood and it was unreal. I have never been in snow that deep. So fun. Anyway it was an awesome trip and easy non-stop flight on Southwest. Just 1 1/2 hours. On the way back from the airport we saw the car chase on the 101 FWY with the guy driving the Bently. Unfortunately, it ended tragically with him killing himself. Anyway…

Snaps from the trip:

Thats Dre coming down the chairlift on the wrong side! Poor Dre. Her board wasn’t waxed and she couldn’t get down the mountain so she had to hike back up the chairlift and ride it down.

Deeeep Powder!

Tahoe is gorgeous

Running to the gate

My Kamikaze Video:

We’re off to Vegas for our annual photographers tradeshow called WPPI and I plan to come back with the lastest cool products to offer my clients.

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