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Healing Hunter

Our dear friends and fellow photographers Zen and Lenore have been through Hell and back dealing with Leukemia treatments with their two year old son Hunter. Hunter is an amazing little boy who has spent half his life in a hospital bed connected to tubes and monitors. He beat the cancer last year, but it has recently returned to the surprise of everyone.

They are undergoing aggressive Chemo treatments all over again and our heart goes out to them.

If you would like to learn more about Hunter, check out their blog here.

If you have kids or are thinking of having kids, nothing and I mean nothing in your life can compare to the stress and agony of watching your child fight to live. I cannot even imagine the pain and now if I find myself complaining about something….I just stop…I think of Hunter and stop…….because we are so blessed and lucky and in comparison, we have no right to complain.

The good news is they just announced today that after the first round of aggressive treatments the cancer is in remission. He is a true fighter. He still has to undergo more chemo in the weeks to come, but today, a deep breath and sigh of relief before round two starts.

We are trying to raise money for them. Our goal is to raise $500 this week. Please help us achieve our goal by going to our Facebook Page. If you just skip 2 lattes this week and give $10 bucks we can really do some good.

And as an added incentive, anyone who pledges $100 this week will get a free photoshoot (not a wedding, but anything else) with me.

Sawyer and Hunter 18 months

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