Mike & Madison

Updated: Sep 16

Sneak Peek from their beautiful wedding at Sherwood Country Club!


It was the summer of 2019 and Madison had just moved from San Diego to LA.

She was at the Delta when their life long family friend and matchmaker extraordinaire, Kelly Gardner, said she had just the guy for Madi. Kelly, with the help of her daughter Riley, sold Madi on the idea of meeting Mike; not every day she hears about a guy who can waterski, snowboard, ride dirt bikes, fly planes, and is a single digit handicap in golf. She thought to herself “this guy just might be able to keep up with me.” And that he did. The two met for lunch just five days later and the rest was history.


Turns out Kelly didn’t know Mike! Kelly Gardner had to text Carla Khuns who texted Lisa Levine to get Mike's number and let him know they had a girl for him to meet. Mike agreed to lunch and all he got was one photo of Madi at the Delta, weathered from a full day of boating and couple cocktails deep. He was intrigued but the expectations were not high…

Mike remembers he was running late to lunch when Madi texted him and said “I’m the blonde at the bar”. They talked for three hours over lunch and would have gone longer if the two didn’t have to get back to work. Mike said after that first date, he knew she was the one.

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